How to Import Canva Designs into Google Slides

Import Canva Designs into Google Slides in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide


Combining Canvas’s creative capabilities with Google Slides’ versatility is a beacon of innovation and efficiency. As we navigate through 2024, how to import Canva designs into Google Slides has become simpler and essential for creating visually stunning and impactful presentations.

This article serves as your comprehensive guide on how to merge the artistic prowess of Canva with the widespread accessibility of Google Slides, ensuring your presentations captivate and communicate effectively.

Complete Guide For How to Import Canva Designs into Google Slides

How to Import Canva Designs into Google Slides

Prepare Your Canva Design

Start with a Vision

Begin by having a clear vision of your presentation’s purpose and audience. This clarity will guide your design choices, ensuring they align with your presentation’s objectives.

Utilize Canvas Features

Explore Canva’s vast templates, elements, and fonts to create your design. Customize your creation to reflect your brand’s identity or presentation theme for a coherent visual experience.

Optimize for Google Slides

Since importing your design into Google Slides, ensure your Canvas size matches the typical Google Slides aspect ratio (16:9) for a seamless transition.

Exporting from Canva

Once your design is ready, the next step is to export it from Canva. Canva offers multiple export options, but exporting your design as a PNG or JPEG is recommended for maintaining high image quality for Google Slides.

  • Navigate to the ‘Share’ button in Canva.

How to Import Canva Designs into Google Slides

  • Choose ‘Download’ and select PNG or JPEG as your format.

How to Import Canva Designs into Google Slides

How to Import Canva Designs into Google Slides

Importing into Google Slides

With your Canva design exported, importing it into Google Slides is the next phase.

Starting a New Presentation

Open Google Slides and start a new presentation. You can work with a blank slate or a template as a starting point.

Inserting Canva Designs

Go to the slide where you want to insert your Canva design. Click on ‘Insert’ from the menu, select ‘Image,’ and then choose ‘Upload from computer’ to select your exported Canva design file.

How to Import Canva Designs into Google Slides

Adjusting the Design

Once your design is uploaded, you might need to adjust its size or alignment to fit your slide perfectly. Google Slides offers intuitive tools for resizing and positioning your design as needed.

Enhancing Your Presentation

With your Canva designs imported, explore Google Slides’ features to enhance your presentation. Add transitions, animations, and interactive elements to bring your slides to life. Remember, the goal is to inform and engage your audience.

Collaborating and Sharing

One of the core strengths of Google Slides is its collaboration features. Invite team members to view or edit your presentation, facilitating a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and efficiency. Once your presentation is finalized, Google Slides offers various sharing options, from presenting live to sharing a link or downloading it for offline use.


If you still have a question: how to import Canva Designs into Google slides? We want to believe this guide has proven useful to you and answered your question. Canva designs into Google Slides in 2024 offer many opportunities to elevate your presentations. This guide walks you through the process step-by-step and underscores the significance of blending Canvas design flexibility with Google Slides’ collaborative features.

Whether you’re preparing for a corporate presentation, an educational lecture, or a personal project, mastering how to import Canva designs into Google Slides ensures your ideas are presented in the most visually appealing and impactful manner. Embrace this fusion of creativity and functionality, and watch as your presentations capture the imagination and attention of your audience like never before.

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