How to Recover Deleted Videos From iPhone

How to Easily Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide            


In today’s digital age, our iPhones serve as more than just communication devices; they’re our personal photo and video libraries, storing cherished memories captured in the blink of an eye. However, accidental deletions happen, and losing precious videos can be heartbreaking. But fear not! In this guide, we’ll explore effective methods to recover deleted videos from iPhone quickly and easily.

Understanding the Importance of Recovery:

Deleted videos aren’t just files; they’re memories frozen in time. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby’s first steps, or a vacation, these moments hold immense sentimental value. Knowing how to recover them can alleviate the stress of losing irreplaceable footage.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone:

Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

Check Recently Deleted Folder: iPhones have a built-in safety net for deleted photos and videos. Start by opening the Photos app and navigating to the “Albums” tab. Look for the “Recently Deleted” folder and tap on it. Here, you might find your deleted videos lingering for up to 30 days before they’re permanently erased.

Utilize iCloud Backup: If your videos aren’t in the Recently Deleted folder, don’t panic. Apple’s iCloud provides a convenient backup solution. Please go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Photos and ensure that iCloud Photos is toggled on. Then, visit from a computer, log in with your Apple ID, and click on “Photos” to search for deleted videos in your iCloud backup.

Try Third-Party Software: When all else fails, turn to third-party recovery software like Dr.Fone, iMobie PhoneRescue, or Tenorshare UltData. These tools are designed specifically to retrieve deleted files from iPhones, including videos. Simply download the software to your computer, connect to your iPhone, and follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the recovery process.

Seeking Professional Assistance: If you’re still unable to recover your deleted videos, consider seeking help from Apple Support or a professional data recovery service. While this option may incur additional costs, it can be worthwhile for retrieving priceless memories.

Preventing Future Video Loss:

Regularly Backup your iPhone: Set up regular backups of your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes. This ensures that even if you accidentally delete videos, you can easily restore them from a backup.

Use Cloud Storage Services: Besides iCloud, consider using other cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox to store your videos. These platforms offer additional backup options and allow you to access your videos from multiple devices.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Protect your Apple ID with two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your iCloud account, reducing the risk of data loss due to security breaches.

Be Cautious When Deleting Files: Take extra care when deleting videos, and double-check before confirming the deletion. Avoid deleting multiple files at once to minimize the chances of accidentally removing important videos.

Install Security Updates: Keep your iPhone’s operating system and apps up to date with the latest security patches. This helps protect your device from vulnerabilities that could lead to data loss or compromise.

Consider Using Third-Party Backup Apps: Explore third-party apps that offer advanced backup features and additional protection against data loss. These apps may provide options for automatic backup and secure storage of your videos.


If you still have a question: How to recover deleted video from iPhone? We want to believe this guide has proven useful to you and answered your question. Also, notice that losing videos from your iPhone can be distressing, but with the right tools and techniques, recovery is often possible. Remember to act swiftly, as delaying the recovery process can decrease the chances of success. By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing preventive measures, you can reclaim your deleted videos and preserve your precious memories for years to come.


Q.1: How do I recover permanently deleted videos on iPhone?

To recover permanently deleted videos on your iPhone, you can use third-party data recovery software like iMobie PhoneRescue, Dr.Fone, or Disk Drill. These tools can scan your device and retrieve deleted videos as long as they haven’t been overwritten by new data.

Q.2: Is it possible to recover permanently deleted videos?

Yes, it is possible to permanently recover deleted videos from iPhone using specialized data recovery software. However, the success of recovery depends on various factors such as how long ago the videos were deleted, whether they have been overwritten by new data, and the effectiveness of the recovery tool.

Q.3: Can I still recover permanently deleted photos from my iPhone?

Yes, you can still recover permanently deleted photos from your iPhone using data recovery software. Similar to videos, the success of recovery depends on factors like how long ago the photos were deleted and whether they have been overwritten by new data. Tools like iMobie PhoneRescue, Dr.Fone, and Disk Drill can assist in this process.

Q.4: How can I recover deleted files from my iPhone without backup?

If you don’t have a backup of your iPhone, you can still recover deleted files using third-party data recovery software like iMobie PhoneRescue, Dr.Fone, or Disk Drill. These tools can scan your device for deleted files and retrieve them, even if you haven’t backed up your iPhone data. However, keep in mind that the success of recovery depends on various factors, and there’s no guarantee that all deleted files can be recovered.

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