How to Fix 5G Battery Drain on Android (8 Methods)

How to Fix 5G Battery Drain on Android in 2024: 8 Effective Methods


Fixing the 5G battery drain on Android devices involves a mix of network settings adjustments, system optimizations, and good battery practices. Given the advancements in technology and Android’s continuous updates, here are 8 methods tailored for 2024 that can help mitigate the battery drain associated with 5G usage:

8 Effective Methods To Fix 5G Battery Drain

5G battery drain

Switch to 4G When 5G Isn’t Needed:

Constantly searching for a 5G signal can drain your battery, especially in areas with poor 5G coverage. Switching to 4G can save battery life without significantly affecting your browsing experience for tasks that don’t require high bandwidth.

Use Adaptive Connectivity Features:

Modern Android devices come with features that automatically switch between 5G and 4G based on the app you’re using. For instance, it might use 4G for browsing and switch to 5G for high-definition streaming. Enable this feature in your device’s network settings.

Limit Background Data Usage for Apps:

Some apps use the network in the background, which can lead to unnecessary battery drain. Restrict background data usage for non-essential apps from the Apps or Data Usage section in Settings.

Optimize Battery Usage:

Android offers battery optimization features that can help extend your battery life. This includes limiting background activity for apps and using Adaptive Battery, which learns how to use your app and adjusts battery usage accordingly.

Enable Dark Mode:

Dark mode reduces power consumption on OLED and AMOLED screens, which are common in modern Android devices. This is particularly effective if you use your phone frequently or for extended periods.

Update Your Phone Regularly:

Manufacturers often release updates that include improvements to battery management and efficiency. Ensure your device is up to date with the latest software updates.

Monitor and Manage Battery-Intensive Apps:

Use the Battery section in Settings to monitor which apps are consuming the most power. Consider limiting your use of these apps or adjusting their settings to reduce their impact on your battery life.

Use Battery Saver Mode:

Battery Saver Mode limits your device’s performance and reduces background activity to extend your battery life. This can be a quick fix if you’re running low on battery and need it to last longer.

Implementing these strategies can help you manage 5G battery drain effectively. Remember, the effectiveness of each method can vary based on your device’s make and model, as well as your usage patterns and the quality of 5G coverage in your area.


How do I fix my 5G battery drain?

Switch between 5G and 4G as needed, limit background app usage, and use battery-saving modes.

How do I turn off 5G to save battery life?

Change your network preferences to LTE/4G in your phone’s mobile network settings.

Why does 5G drain more battery?

5G requires more power for higher data speeds and maintaining a stable connection, especially in areas with weak signals.

How do I fix my Android battery draining fast?

Restrict background app usage, update apps and firmware, reduce screen brightness and enable power-saving features.

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