Crushed Season 4 Release Date Confirmed

Crushed Season 4 Release Date Confirmed

Crushed Season 4 Release Date: Very soon Crushed Season 4 is coming. The Release date of Crushed Season 4 Release Date has been confirmed by the makers of the web series. As we all know that crushed a wonderful web series that became most popular and ended at a place where the aradhya old boyfriend Samvidhan (Sam) came into his life and the new friend has gone.

Now, people are both confused and excited to discover what will unfold when Aaradhya meets Sambhidhan, how their conversation will unfold, and whether everything will return to normal or not. Many questions linger in the minds of viewers, all of which will be answered after watching Crushed season 4, scheduled for release on February 9, 2024—the release date has been confirmed.
But if we talk about the time then there is no information about at what time Crushed Season 4 will come but as per the official announcement, we know that Crushed Season 4 will come on 9 Feb 2024.

Crushed Season 4 Release Date

Crushed Season 4

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Crushed Season 4 Release Date is 9 February 2024. This date has been officially confirmed, and Crushed Season four is arriving in just three days.

Topic Details
Release Date February 9, 2024 (officially confirmed)
Story Overview Season 4 continues the story of Aradhya, Samarth, and Sambidhan. Aradhya is faced with the challenge of choosing between the two.
Season 3 Summary Season 3 ends when Aradhya meets Samarth during a school trip to Dehradun, but their relationship faces complications.
Social Media Buzz Lots of Reels are marked Season 4 and also have been shared on social media platforms. The cast has also posted behind-the-scenes pictures, generating excitement.
Expected Story Season 4 is expected to explore Aradhya’s choice between Samarth and Sambidhan, adding complexity to their relationships.


Lots of people are excited and have a lot of questions in their minds. I think there is no need to tell you about the popularity of the Crushed season. The third season has been released. It is a love story of 2 boys and 1 girl. 2 boys Sam or Sambidhan and Samarth love Aradhya.

Crushed Season 3 Summary

Crushed Season 3

In Crushed Season 3, the story mainly revolves around Samarth leaving his school and heading to Dehradun. The school organizes a trip where Aaradhya meets Samarth in Dehradun. Aaradhya then plans a date with Samarth. During the date, when Aaradhya tries to kiss Samarth, he pulls back, causing Aaradhya to feel hurt.

And Samarth was the Samarth same on the trip and enjoyed it a lot. And be on the trip for almost 1 month. in this Crushed Season 3 ended at such a point that everyone is waiting for its next season.

In Crushed Season 3, we only catch a glimpse of Shyam for a few seconds. However, it’s expected that in Crushed Season four, Aadhya will likely meet Sam, and both of them will recall the previous story depicted in Season 1.

Now the 4th season is coming on 9 Feb 2024.

Crushed Season 4 Release Date

Exciting news for Crushed fans! After a long wait, Season 4 is finally on its way. The team at Amazon Mini has released a small teaser about the upcoming season.

In social media, lots of Reels are being created. Social media is full of updates and posters about Season four, The cast of Crushed Season four has also been sharing behind-the-scenes pictures on social media, adding to the excitement. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the release of Season 4!

Crushed Season 4 Story Overview By Social Media ( Crushed Season 4 Story )

Lots of people are excited for Crushed season four. I believe, in this story, Sam will enter Aradhya’s life. They will then see each other and recall the backstory, which you have seen in season 1.

Now it is going to be difficult for Aradhya to choose one boyfriend. As we saw in the previous story samvidhan sends a message to Aradhya about happy birthday and they will talk about it. Aaradhya can patch up with Samarth and both can become simple friends.

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