How to Fix 5G Not Showing Up on Android (8 Methods)


In today’s fast-paced digital world, having access to 5G networks on your Android device is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for many. The promise of blazing-fast internet speeds, lower latency, and improved connectivity has made 5G the most anticipated network evolution. However, the excitement can quickly turn into frustration when you find the 5G network not showing up on your device. Whether it’s due to hardware limitations, software issues, or network coverage, there are several ways to troubleshoot and solve this problem. This article offers a step-by-step guide on how to fix the issue of 5G not showing up on Android, ensuring you can take full advantage of your device’s capabilities and the next-generation network.

5G Not Showing Up on Android: 8 Methods

Check Network Coverage

5G not showing up

Before diving into more complex solutions, verify that you’re in an area with 5G coverage. Many service providers offer coverage maps on their websites. Remember, 5G deployment is still ongoing and not all areas have this technology available.

Verify your 5G Plan with your Carrier

5G not showing up

Not all mobile plans support 5G connectivity. Contact your service provider to ensure your current plan is 5G-compatible. Upgrading your plan might be necessary to access the 5G network.

Restart Your Device

5G not showing up

A simple yet effective method for resolving a multitude of connectivity issues. Restarting your Android device can help reset the network connections and potentially bring back the 5G option.

Enable 5G in Settings

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Navigate to your phone’s network settings to ensure 5G is enabled. Sometimes, the settings might revert to 4G or LTE as the preferred network type after an update or system restart.

Update Your Phone’s Software

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Manufacturers frequently release updates that improve connectivity and fix known bugs. Check for any available software updates for your device and install them.

Check for Carrier Settings Update

5G not showing up

Alongside software updates, carriers release updates designed to improve network connectivity. These updates can often resolve issues related to 5G not showing up.

Reset Network Settings

5G not showing up androide

This step will revert all network settings to their default state, including Wi-Fi passwords, paired Bluetooth devices, and cellular preferences. This is a more drastic step but can resolve underlying issues with network configurations.

Contact your Carrier or Manufacturer

5G not showing up

If none of the above methods work, the issue might be more technical and require professional assistance. Contact your carrier to ensure there are no network outages or your device manufacturer for hardware-related inquiries.


The advent of 5G technology has ushered in a new era of internet connectivity, promising unprecedented speeds and reliability. However, encountering issues like 5G not showing up on your Android device can dampen this experience. By following the step-by-step guide above, from verifying network coverage and plan compatibility to updating your device’s software and resetting network settings, you can troubleshoot and potentially fix this issue. Remember, if all else fails, seeking assistance from your carrier or device manufacturer is the next best step. Ensuring your device’s compatibility with 5G enhances your online experience and keeps you connected to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Why is 5G not showing up in my settings?

5G may not appear in your settings due to several reasons, including your current location not having 5G coverage or your mobile plan not supporting 5G connectivity. It’s also possible that your device is not 5G-capable or requires a software update to access 5G settings.

Why is my 5G not available?

Your 5G connectivity could be unavailable if you’re outside a 5G network area or if your smartphone or data plan doesn’t support 5G. Additionally, network congestion or device settings configured to prefer other network types (like 4G) can also prevent access to 5G services.

How do I force 5G on Android?

To force 5G on an Android device, navigate to your phone’s network settings and select the preferred network type as 5G or 5G/LTE. Keep in mind, that this option is only effective if your device supports 5G, you have a 5G-enabled SIM card and you’re within the 5G coverage area.

How do I manually enable 5G?

Manually enabling 5G requires accessing your phone’s network settings and choosing 5G as your preferred network type. Ensure your device is 5G-compatible, your mobile plan includes 5G service, and you are in an area with 5G coverage to successfully enable it.

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